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Started on June 1, 2019

Our A2 Courses will enable you to confidently ride bikes restricted to 27-47 BHP once you have passed your test.

The A2 license provides much more freedom and choice to the A1 license, but it isn’t completely unrestricted. The A2 license is a popular option for those who aren’t looking to ride the most powerful bikes on the market but do want to get rid of their learner plates and smaller bikes, however, it is also the only option if you’re 19. To obtain the A2 license you have to be 19 or over and will need to complete a theory test as well a two-part practical test. Both tests will need to be completed on a minimum of 245cc motorcycle with a power output of between 20kW (27bhp) and 35kW (47bhp). Once you have obtained your A2 license you are able to ride a motorcycle of ANY cc, however it must be restricted to no more than 35kW (47bhp).

Another benefit to completing the A2 license is that it speeds up the process of you gaining your full, unrestricted category A license. If you have held an A2 license for two years you can immediately apply for your full category A license and do not need to wait until you are 24.

Our training centre is in Braintree, Essex and is fully equipped for all your motorcycle training needs.